IR Drop Features

Power Maps

Including 5 component:1. internal power: poweripower_i, 2. switching power: powerspower_s, 3. toggle rate scaled power: powerscapower_{sca}, 4. all: powerallpower_{all}, 5. time-decomposed power: powertpower_t. They are generated with power report and timing window report from Innovus.

(1) Power report contains instance level power and toggles rate from a vectorless power analysis.

  • Internal power (pip_i)
  • Switching power (psp_s)
  • Leakage power (plp_l)
  • Toggles rate (rtogr_{tog})

Then these instance level power is merged into corresponding tile to form power maps.

poweripi power_i \propto p_i
powersps power_s \propto p_s
powersca(pi+ps)×rtog+pl power_{sca} \propto (p_i+p_s) \times r_{tog}+p_l
powerallpi+ps+pl power_{all} \propto p_i+p_s+p_l

(2) Timing window report contains possible switching time domain of the instance in a clock period from a static timing analysis for each pin. The clock period is decomposed evenly into 20 parts, and the cell contributes to power map powertpower_t only in the parts that it is switching.

powert[0,19]psca power_t[0,19] \propto p_{sca}

IR Drop Map

IR drop value on each node from a vectorless power rail analysis is merged into corresponding tile to form IR drop maps.

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